Next Generation Leaders Day 2019


Digitalisation as a disruptive force in the tourism, travel and hospitality industry


Digitalisation is one of the most powerful drivers for change in the tourism, travel and hospitality industry. The digitalisation of booking processes for travelling and accommodation has almost completely replaced the former business models of travel agencies – to name just one example. Digital and increasingly automated business processes also provide great opportunities for new business models. Today, start-up companies undertake most digital business ventures and many of them are now among the biggest companies in the industry (e.g. Airbnb).


The majority of existing companies however are still adapting to the great challenges the digitalisation poses to the industry. How can they perform even better regarding convenience for customers, control over communication and individualised marketing? Apart from the market pressure on existing business models, how do employers face digitalisation inside their companies? How many processes with internal and external stakeholders are digitalised today? How many new business ideas have been born inside larger businesses recently? Is the strategy of existing older corporations adaptive enough to manage even increasing digital challenges in the future?


The Next Generation Leaders will be required to elaborate adaption and mitigation strategies for the industry – ready to implement. The Next Generation Leaders’ activities will be presented to the main audience at World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2019 as a documentary film. This film will be produced in the brand new Media Factory at the Swiss Museum of transport, in collaboration with Red Bull.


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Summary of the Next Generation Leaders Day 2019 is available here